Our Expertise

Product Formulation and Development Omega offers product formulation and developmental support from the lab to clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Batch Manufacturing
Omega Laboratories Limited offers contract manufacturing and packaging of clinical supplies that accommodate our customers’ specific needs. Our facilities and equipment comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, and we are able to produce clinical batches in a timely manner in order to meet our clients’ deadlines.

Small Lot Production
(Phase I, II, III Clinical Trials)

Omega provides state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that comply with GMP standards. We are able to efficiently and rapidly produce small lots and their placebos for phases I, II and III Clinical Trials.

Committed to its mission of innovation, Omega has designed a new laboratory to further develop cytotoxic drug formulation and production for oncology specialists.

Extended Release
Our laboratories have the technology to control the release of a drug at varying rates.

Analytical Services and Stability Programs
Omega offers standard or specialized storage conditions. Our experts also provide analytical services and stability programs.

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Packaging / Labeling
Our packaging department ensures accurate filling of liquid dosage forms and produces innovative labeling designs. We work with containers of various sizes, including vials ranging from 2mL to 200mL and bottles ranging from 110mL to 1L.

Distribution / Logistics

The stability of pharmacological products is critical and their shelf life can be very short. This is why they require an efficient logistics system offering the right storage and transportation conditions. Accustomed to working with different requirements, Omega ensures the proper delivery of a client’s order to the desired location and within the deadline requested.