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Omega Laboratories Limited provides custom manufacturing of injectable and non-injectable sterile products to various pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical companies.  

Omega Laboratories offers a wide range of comprehensive services including formulation, development of analytical methods, lab batch, pilot and small lot production, stability, process validation, packaging and distribution.

At Omega, we strive to carry out our mission harmoniously with our customers, employees and suppliers alike, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, demonstrating professionalism at all times and communicating in an honest and open way.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible products in a timely manner as well as the most responsive and reliable service, in order to ensure that they are satisfied with every project entrusted to us. Regardless of the size or the complexity of a project, every customer receives Omega's personalized attention.

Our accomplished team of professionals offers superior quality standards to those companies seeking a one-stop source to manufacture, analyze and package their pharmaceuticals. All services are performed in a GLP and GMP compliant environment, and every project is supported by extensive process documentation.

Further to the recent advances in biological therapeutics, serious concerns have emerged in this expanding market with regards to dosage requirements, product quality and purity, as well as the production speed of clinical materials. Omega puts these concerns to rest thanks to our ultramodern equipment and facilities that comply with GLP and GMP standards, as well as an experienced team of professionals who consciously oversee every aspect of a project, from production to packaging.

Non Injectables
In addition to producing injectable solutions, we often formulate and produce other sterile liquid compounds in our high-tech facilities.

Aqueous and Low Viscosity Solutions
Omega is fully equipped to develop both aqueous and low viscosity products.